I'm so glad you've stopped by!  I'm Brianna: Alabama native, football-fanatic, and recent world traveller with an aim to change nations.  Currently, I am living in a small town called Oxford in the majestic country of New Zealand.  I'm here on a mission.  I am attending a Snowboarder's Discipleship Training School hosted by an organization known as Youth With A Mission, or YWAM.  This experience has turned my life upside down.  I've spent my 22 years of life searching for something to fill a longing in my heart and it is in this place that I have found my answer.  His name is Jesus.  He's revealed Himself to me in a powerful way and He is redefining life as I know it.  My hope for this blog is that I'll be able to translate my experiences to all those interested and that they may in some way impact your life for the better.  I can't promise sunshines and rainbows or that my life will always appear to be the most glamorous or adventurous.  I'll be reporting the awesome as well as the mundane.  So, laugh with me, cry with me, enjoy life with me!  Let's do this.

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